Ride ideas

With some ingenuity and motivation, I think the possibilities for RCCS rides are infinite. In a way, some of the distance and destination rides the LBC puts on are similar in spirit to some that I have in mind myself, but ultimately it’s attitude and spirit, not just the destination.

I mentally jotted these ideas a week ago, and since have added some.

In Kentucky:

  • Bernheim and Pine Creek Barrens Preserve
  • Louisville State Nature Preserves: Louisville Nature Center (Creason), Sally Brown NP (not much info online)
  • Vernon-Douglas SNP (south of E’town)
  • Otter Creek (?)
  • “Emerald Necklace” type Louisville ride linking the Olmstead parks
  • Full Louisville Loop (with stop at Mike Linnings)
  • LithoDale suggested a Coffee/Cappuccino Hop b/c the ‘Ville has so many good coffee shops. Of course, you could add the brew hop onto that, with tastings from the local micro-breweries. Just a taste, though.
  • KYPhilosopher has already offered to host a ride down Berea way.
  • A Lexington/Bluegrass ramble would be awfully fun
  • A redeux of the ‘ville Paris-Roubaix cobblestone alley ride would be fun. I don’t know if the LBC still puts that on, but I did it one year and had lots of fun.
  • Certainly a S24O or just a plain ol’ bike camping trip. The best local spot I found via research was in Camp Horine/Jefferson Memorial Forest. It’s pretty pricey, though ($20 or so. I just researched and it’s $15. Not great. Not bad) for primitive camping. Clark State Forest in IN is much cheaper, albeit farther away.

In Indiana:

This is just listing and thinking outloud. I don’t think a RCCS ride has to be epic nor far-reaching. I would think, though, that the purpose is not just to go for a quickie road ride like I do in the park. It’s a novel, una novedad, kind of experience. Pondero (whose entries are fabulous, BTW) sent me a link to a similar kind of concept sprouted in Wilmington, DE by the owners of the Longleaf bike shop. Theirs has more of a focus on short and medium touring as opposed to day trips. I don’t know if their plan really ever got off the ground; maybe the RCCS won’t either, but we’re going to try.

All I know is the idea for the first ride. We’ll see what happens from there. More info to come soon.

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