First Ride Invite

The nascent River City Cycling Society invites you to its maiden voyage Sunday, January 25th, leaving from the playground lot (nearer to the Big Field or whatever its name is) on River Road at 11.00 a.m. The ride has 20 and 30-mile options, rain or shine, sleet or snow (no ice). This group is an effort to have a social, adventurous, and maybe even off-kilter riding experience here in the Louisville area. The RCCS is not meant as a competitor to the LBC, but rather as an augmentation of our riding options here in town. While this the first RCCS offering, the intention is that each ride include food, potential mixed routes, points of interest to explore, a casual/reasonable pace and an attitude of inclusion. The only caveat is that there maybe be off-bike activities like hiking, so choose appropriate footwear.

More information will be posted here, but feel free to contact me at if you have questions.

Tim S.

(More information can be found @ )

Map to start location:

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6 Responses to First Ride Invite

  1. john paul says:

    WOW!!! someone else who knows how to use information technologies and ride a bike in Kentuckianna! awesome – i wanna ride!

  2. Awww… Come on John. There are a few of us.

  3. btw… I’ll be at the ride. Who else is coming?

  4. jimmy says:

    Sorry to be missing this Tim, but polo calls. Hopefully I can make the next one. Have fun!

  5. Well, the dogs woke me up with a lot of barking a bit ago. So, while I am up I thought I would wish you a happy maiden ride. Good luck. It looks like a great route.

  6. tex69 says:

    That’s a might early, I would say. And hopefully both KYPhilo and Jimmy can make the next one, which looks like a Microbrew Pub Crawl. Should be fun.

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