S24O ruminations

I found a link from the Epicurean Cyclist (excellent site, BTW) about an article in Adventure Cyclist with Grant P. of RBW fame.  It’s a short article generally riffing on the S24O concept.  Be aware that is it a pdf download.

I don’t know if the RCCS will sponsor or be involved, but I’m going to do one this summer, with my 2 destinations being either Clark State Forest in IN or Horine Reservation in Jeff Co. (I list them both in the possibilities entry on the original blog)  CSF is cheaper and not too far away (approx. 35m), but Horine is quite close (18m from my house) and would work pretty well is a few people shared a site ($20 group cost, so less per person).

A S24O is one of many ideas for the RCCS.  Take a look at our “Why we are…” page and delve in.  It’s an inspirational batch of ideas for riding the bike.

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