Brew or Beans?

This was already pegged by LithoDale, albeit in a slightly different format. Being post-modern and PC, he suggested an espresso hop as a bike ride idea. I love it, although I only do (mostly) decaf. Up there in Minneapolis, Hiawatha Cyclery is hosting its first Pub Crawl.  I propose today that LithoDale be the host for February’s ride and he can either do it brew or bean style, his choice.  I don’t think it has to be as fancy as the Hiawatha version; they have sponsors, FCS.  Looks fun though.  Does Louisville have enough microbreweries to pull it off”?  Cumberland, BBC, New Albanian, jeez, 3 stops sounds like a ride to me.  OK, LithoDale, step up to the plate.

If MN can do it, we can too.  Course, I think the FuckGas crew has been doing these for a while.  A partner ride might be in order.

If MN can do it, we can too. 'Course, I think the FuckGas crew has been doing these for a while. A partner ride might be in order.

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4 Responses to Brew or Beans?

  1. That’s a tough decision. I love both!

    I’ll be on board for either, assuming I can get it in the schedule.

    btw… you sure know how to tempt a guy trying to lose weight. 🙂

  2. tim says:

    We’ll take it easy and make it fun. And the miles will help, right?

  3. Dale Goodwin says:

    OK – no problem….

    Here is the route:

    It starts and finishes at Sunergos – the cities finest coffee. It goes from there to New Albany snaking up through the Grant Line Area and then back to the BBC tap room on Main Street. From there its through the park and over to Cumberland Brews. Then through Valley Vista/Trevillian/Audubon back to Germantown for the conclusion.

    The looks to be a good way to get to Rich o’s but I spoke to Roger Baylor and he is going to confirm the back route for me.

    This will need to be a Saturday deal because New Albanian is closed on Sunday.

    I hope you have a great ride tomorrow. Numerous sicknesses have wracked my babysitting corps. I will be at home sitting on my hands and fidgeting while maintaining an irritated edge.

  4. tex69 says:

    Looks like a solid effort from LithoDale. 2nd ride is already a ‘maybe’ and with some yummy libations as well. He’ll have to name the date and get it on the calendar. Could be a long one with 30+ miles and 3 microbreweries. I’ll beg that he puts it post-lunch so I can still catch some kiddie sports in the a.m., but whatev.

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