Maiden Voyage

I’ll piggyback on Dave’s note about today’s ride to also say that it was a good time, and better attended than anticipated.  Like Dave, I asssumed that we would be the only ones.  Lithodale has a sick posse.  KYPhilosopher had a progeny birthday.  Mark’s posse didn’t have appropriate duds with the 23F temps.  I know DDilliard had expressed interest, but wasn’t sure of his status.

I arrived and found Dave, Kirk R. and (sic) Kathy and (sic) Thomas (?) by car.  Todd B, of Wild-n-Woollyshowed up and then 2 more chaps, one with an S name (Scott?) (see, Dave does it better by not embarrassing himself not remembering names).   That made our group 8 total, which I was really pleased with given the chilly conditions

Our maiden voyage route first took us into Indiana via Clarksville and later in New Albany.  We started auspiciously with a flat tire because of one of the expansion joints on the bridge.  I threw myself into the repair process with vigor, only to find that patch glue doesn’t enjoy 23F.  Kathy (sic)  supplied the magic tube, as I was carrying an extr 650B tube, not one for 700c.  After my fingers were good and numb we ventured forward into Clarksville, with Kirk helping on a slightly streamlined route; they both commute some along the same route from Louisville into S.IN.  From there were wound how way first by Loop Island Preserve for a very quick stop.  It was interesting, and Dave and I discussed it later, that communication of expectations was and will be important for this concept to go further.  I planned on doing a bit of hike-n-bike, and some of the esoteric language of the RCCS principals bears that out.  Yet, only Dave and I were on fattish tires; the others rode standard 700c tires. And that’s perfectly fine.  If we are to do a mixed-terrain, off-road ride we’ll need to much more blatant and straightforward about that expectation in the future.

From there we passed along the New Albany waterfront, and back through the N.A. downtown before retracing our route a bit towards Clarksville. Kirk suggested an alternative route back towards the Falls, one that went very well.  We stopped for a quick pic of the Falls and downtown.  You can get a feel for the long, heavy, grey skies we faced today.  The mood, though, was bright enough.  I had a good-but-brief talk with WildNWoolie Todd B.  Asked about any long mileage last summer, he stated “No”, only “4 centuries and the 160m RAIN ride.  I’ll call that quality non-long mileage any day.

From the Falls we headed home to the Great Lawn parking lot.  It seems most of the crew had had enough of the 23F temps and moderate pace and were ready for warmth.  Below is a pic of the crew, minus me the phototaker and minus  (sic) Kathy, who can be seen by the car. I appreciate this group being game for a cold, relaxed social ride in such cold weather.

It was down to just me and Dave, and we made the best of it. We first went into Crescent Hill to Nancy’s Bagel Ground, which ended up being an excellent choice, as it was warm, the coffee was warm, the bathroom was warm and the sandwiches came out quick.

After a good bite we got going to finish out the 2nd portion of the route, going down towards Mellwood and circling into “Champions Park”, home of the cross course.  While I had been there last week (?), Dave never had, so we rode a few of the trails and got our mixed-terrain jones satisfied, even as Dave had seat post issues.

From there it was a quick jog down to the parking lot and the terminus of the first RCCS bike ride.  I hope the other attendees had a good time, and as for me, I’m ready for #2.  As I understand it, it may just involve locally-brewed libations as hosted by LithoDale.  Thanks.

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3 Responses to Maiden Voyage

  1. I am officially jealous. Hopefully the next ride will include me.

  2. jimmy says:

    Brewery ride?! I’m there – I’m actually putting a ride together along a similar idea for spring.

  3. Tim says:


    I’m there for yours too. Yours might be a little harder-drinkin’, but both should be fun.

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