February 21st

Update Feb 14 12.29

Lithodale has updated the route.  Take a look here. We’ll start from Sunergos to get us going and then to Rich O‘s in N’awlbany. From there we return back to the BBC downtown and then we’ll loop to Cumberland Brews before swinging by the Zoo and through Audabon Park. It should be a great time. If I weren’t deficient, LithoDale’s fine flyer would already be posted, but it’ll be coming shortly.

Lithodale has made some adjustments to our route, but let’s remember that our next RCCS ride is this upcoming Saturday (not tomorrow), February 21st. It’ll  leave around at 12.30, location in the Highlands or near UL at Sunergos coffee house on Preston St.. He should have the final time, route and plans in the next few days. Join us for some bikes-n-brew. What could be better?

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4 Responses to February 21st

  1. jimmy says:

    better = bikes, brew, 68 degrees & sunny

  2. Bike, brew and boobs?
    Bike, brew and bobs?
    Bike, brew and bbq?
    Bike, brew and piles of cash?

    I guess of the 4, the bbq is most likely to happen. That seems fine by me.

    Received the required permission from the wife last night. So far, so good.

  3. It would be interesting to find a way to get “boobs” into the ride.

    Hope to see you there.

  4. Tim says:

    I think if “boobs” got in there I’d have a tough time explaining, or justifying, that one to the Mrs. She might think less kindly of RCCS rides. 🙂

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