March Ride Ideas

Thank you to Dale for planning the February ride.  The March ride is mine to plan, but I want some feedback first.  Which of these two rides would appeal to you more?

  1. 30-ish miles starting from Charlestown, with a Pizza Dinner at the end of the ride.  This ride would be mostly rural, and have lots of rolling hills.
  2. 60-ish miles starting from Downtown Louisville running through Jeffersonville, Clarksville, Charlestown, Sellersburg, New Albany, with a good restaurant stop along the way.  This ride would be a mix of rural and urban, and include some hilly areas.

Either put your thoughts in a comment, or email me directly.

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12 Responses to March Ride Ideas

  1. tex69 says:

    Selfishly, my March mileage will be better suited to the 30-miler. On the other hand, if you planned a 60, I would do it, misery or not. I’ll be in touch with problem weekend dates.

  2. I would prefer 30 miles but don’t make plans based on me since I am unreliable. I have a training that will have me in New Orleans on the 21st. Other than that, it is just the usual excuses that would keep me from coming.

  3. tex69 says:

    Dave, I thought about your question a bit more and come to the conclusion that I would do a 30 on the Rans, but move to the Bleriot for a 60. I really messed my achilles tendon up several summers ago ramping up the mileage on the ‘bent. It’s so comfy!

    Whichever you go with, I’m game.

  4. Well, If we do the 60, I’ll be on Nermal, as I can’t haul Oria (the ‘bent) on my car.

    You are game either way, and KY Philo says not to make plans based on him… I need other people to pipe up! 🙂

    Maybe a 40-ish mile ride from Charlestown?

  5. Tim says:

    I’m looking at the calendar and the weekend of March 21/22 is no good. Also, the afternoon of March 8 (Sun) is out. The 14th I’m unavailable until the afternoon. Food for thought, but whatev you schedule, I’ll ride. I don’t know if you have facebook but I’ve created a group there too. If we can get some more normal weather this time I think we can drum up some more numbers, although I was perfectly fine with our group Saturday.

  6. Sunday the 15th? From Charlestown?

  7. Rick says:

    A 60-miler sounds the most adventurous, but to be honest I’d would be a little leary of a trip of more than 30 or 40 miles. Not enough miles on the legs yet this year to be “in shape” for a long ride. Seems like I’m not alone on this one.

  8. Tim says:

    The 15th is good for me.

  9. Okay, Sunday, March 15th, probably between noon and one.

    I’m thinking this route:

    It’s about 40 miles, it has some hilly areas, and two store stops. No brew however.

    It goes through Clark State Forest.

    Yay? Nay?

  10. Tim says:

    Looks great to me. I’m in. Are we going to eat afterwards? Or just store stops?

  11. I’m looking into dining opportunities. There is a small pizza place that may be open. As a last resort, there is Pizza Hut.

  12. Apparently there is Charlestown Pizza Company, and they carry NABC beer. I’ve lived in this town for over eight years, and have never been there. I guess it’s only been around a couple of years.

    So, it looks like we have a good dining candidate. We all like beer? yep. Pizza? I do!

    I’m setting the time of the ride to straight up noon.

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