Clark State and a Slice


Click Here to Download a PDF version if you would like for distribution or storage in your hope chest, etc.

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11 Responses to Clark State and a Slice

  1. That looks fantastic. Still planning to make it up there.

  2. Tim says:

    It *is* terrific, isn’t it? Lithodale did a great job.

  3. Rick says:

    Hey fellas, something came up last minute at “work”. The band is going into the studio at the start of April and due to certain time constraints I’ll need to be on my drum throne rather than the bike saddle right in the middle of the day on Sunday. I look forward to a few jealousy-inducing photos, however. I do believe the Paris-Redux next month should be a go. Have a good ride everyone!

  4. Tim says:

    Great Rick. Come join when you can.

  5. jimmy says:

    count me in as well as Michael from cranked and Derek from OYLC. I’m riding fixed hope I don’t slow you down too much…

  6. Lithodale says:

    Dave – can you advise the best route via bicycle from the second street bridge to your house?

  7. Dale, I use this route:

    It’s not terribly scenic, but it is the shortest.

    If you ride from Louisville, then do the ride, I hope you get a ride back with Tim. Otherwise I will have to be in awe. 🙂

  8. Dale Goodwin says:

    I added this to MapMyRide in case anyone else uses it to track mileage, look at elevation, etc.

    See you there.

  9. jimmy says:

    sorry I flaked on the ride today… I’ll be in on the cobbles for sure!

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