A Learning Experience

First, I want to apologize for some of the mix-ups at the ride.  I wasn’t familiar with the entire course, and had never been to Clark Forest before.  If it had just been the gravel and steep inclines, that would have been one thing.  However, I was a bad navigator, and caused a few of us to add more miles (and time) than planned.

Tim did a great job talking about went well with the ride.  I had a lot of fun, some of the time.  I also felt I had let the group down.

I like Tim’s suggestion to plan another ride out here, and I hope yesterday’s ride doesn’t scare anyone off from another ride.  I will learn routes better before announcing them, and will warn of gravel, steep grades, or anything else appropriate.

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3 Responses to A Learning Experience

  1. tim says:

    I wouldn’t sweat it Dave. The ride was 95% fun as can be and in hindsight, some of the mix-ups will be good future stories and will be learning experiences too, for all of us.

    I think I’ll ride my cobble route again over Spring Break. If you’re interested in scoping out the 2nd portion let me know.

  2. When is Spring Break? Nermal is still broken. I screwed up my new wheel. I hope to have it fixed soon, but who knows.

    I’m not really sweating it. Hanging out at the pizza place made it all worthwhile. I’m just wondering how many of the riders came away from the ride with a negative view of our group.

  3. Ricky Irvine says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make it out. The ride through southern Indiana country looked really great. (The stories about the ride haven’t dampened my spirit.) My bike should be ready in the next few weeks and I’ll join you.

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