Summer Ride Ideas

So far we’ve had 4 RCCS rides, all being unique and miserable in their own special way. The first presented us with 17F, the next snow and sleet on our Brew crawl. The 3rd hosted by Dave in IN consisted of lots of climbing and some missed turns (which is fine with me) and most recently we got to damage ourselves and our gear on bricks and cobbles in a driving rain storm. No one has stepped forward to host a May adventure, but that will change this summer. As of now, our only May possibility is the Tour de Cure coming up in 2 weekends. There is a donation minimum and my own personal business has me uncommitted. Take a look at March, when Dale gave us the necessary info. I guess that will suffice as our May RCCS ride. As for future rides, I think we’ll have more possibilities. They include:

  • I intend to host a S24O to either to Holsclaw/Horine in Jeff Co. or to Clark State Forest in IN.  I don’t know for sure when this will take place, but we’re looking at the miserable heat and humidity of high summer.
  • Dave and I are kicking around a show-n-go Southern IN century in mid-June.  I know I won’t have the legs, but I don’t care.  We’re going to leave early and get through the damn thing one way or another.
  • I would also like to host a mixed-terrain gravel road ride in IN as well.  I’ve been researching areas in Hoosier Forest and I already have a nice route mapped out by Apertome.
  • KYPhilosopher (Andy) has also mentioned a couple times of hosting a ride leaving from Berea.  I’m sure there  are folks interested in exploring that part of the world.

If anybody else has a good idea for the upcoming months, throw in out there.  So far we’ve been a once-a-month kinda group, but if more folks are interested in more riding, then bully for us.  More to come.

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  1. Andy says:

    I am still looking at a ride but I found out today that I have to head out to Albuquerque in June. With my birthday, my anniversary and my sister’s graduation also happening in June, I might have to wait a bit to host. I have a route in mind that might test your legs with the hills. But, I am no monster rider and I can handle it so it won’t be too bad.

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