Carefree Mixed Ramble

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This is an improvement on yesterday’s muddled map of mixed-terrain madness. This is a 55-miler, with half being on graveled roads and a bit on ““graded earth”. I have no clue how accessible stores or materials are, so it would be an independent journey, much of it through very rural areas. I’m thinking mid-June as a companion to the “let it rip” century Dave and I are considering. More to come, but it could be fun.

One source mentioned in the ugly entry was the site D.I.R.T. They maintain an excellent website of all the “mixed terrain” in the Hoosier Forest area. While our less-than-modern state of KY has paved over many of our favorite backwoods haunts, this map shows a plethora of suitable gravel, “graded earth” and “unimproved” roads to explore. Depending on how a Carefree ramble works, there may be more.

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  1. Apertome says:

    Looks like an awesome route. I’ve been to Magnet on a mountain biking trip, interesting little town.

    I’m curious how those gravel roads will be, some of the ones in HNF near Bloomington have large, loose gravel.

    Thanks for the D.I.R.T. link, that’ll be incredibly useful!

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