Show-n-Go 60+

After taking May off it’s time for the RCCS to dial up a few rides this summer. Given the family schedule I personally haven’t been able to grab a big chunk of time to do some “adventuring”, but it’s time to get on the long road. Given the lack of prep time, we won’t try to pull off a mixed-terrain epic this weekend, but I’m going to host a nice, long training ride this Sunday morning. It’ll be about 65 miles (68m on another site. Dave says the online programs vary. I guess he’s right), leaving the Highlands and touring SW Jefferson and Bullitt counties before returning via the full extent of the Riverwalk from the Farnsley-Moreman, through Rubbertown and Shawnee, via Downtown and back through the Highlands. Here is a link to the map.

A few things should be noted. First is that the pace will be reasonable, say 12-15mph depending on how people are feeling. It won’t be a hammer fest by any stretch, or at least I won’t be hammering. We will also try to stay together if possible. I’ll have a cue sheet or two, but RCCS rides try to stay compact if possible (although I now know that is a wily beast to corral) Also, the course is a great one for getting early endurance miles in the legs. It’s rather flat save a few bumps along the way and one big hill in the guise of Mitchell Hill Rd.  Folks should also prepare for limited stops in the first half.  Our first store is about mile 30 and most of the 2nd half of the ride is on the Riverwalk, which is not known for plentiful amenities.  Come prepared please.  Oh, and we’ll probably do lunch after the ride, somewhere in the Highlands.

You’re invited. All bikes welcome.  We’ll be leaving from Atherton High School parking lot (large east lot at Dundee/Emerson) at 8.00.  I live close so will be wheeling by as close to that time as possible.

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  1. I’ll be there. I haven’t decided which bike to ride yet though.

  2. My husband and I will be there to ride with you for the first time.

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