Show-n-Go 80 Saturday

We’re going to host another weekend Show-n-Go this Saturday morning, leaving from the Highlands. We’ll return out to the SW portions of the county, as well as to Bullitt, for an 80-miler. It’ll involve one big climb (Martin’s Hill) but otherwise is all pretty doable. The goal, I think, is to do a steady pace effort to build some distance miles, but not to dawdle too much for sake of Saturday afternoon commitments. There should be means for at least one store stop at the far end, but come prepared.

We’ll meet at Atherton High School at 6.00 a.m. (early bird…).

Update #1

We should have gorgeous weather for our ride tomorrow.  The thought of having to don armwarmers or a jacket in July in pretty comical.  The route is a very reasonable one, going out and coming back in relatively flat conditions.  On the far end, in SW Jefferson Co. and Bullitt Co., we’ll have some rolling hills and 1 “big” climb of .65m/7.4%.  I’ve done it and it’s not that bad.  We have potential food stops at mile 30, with ones at 45 and 70 with small detours.  It should be a great morning of beautiful riding.

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  1. Although I totally burned myself out on this ride, I had a good time. I came home, took a shower, and fell asleep for a few hours.

    I posted some more, and a few pictures I took here:

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