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Blevins Gap is definitely closed!

Blevins Gap is definitely closed!

Unlike our last “epic” ride that became less epic due to mechanicals and sheer difficulty, yesterday we set out to ramble and get some miles in.  The designed route was right at 80 miles, with a big loop including the Martins Hill climb, and then a smaller “re-loop” to add some extra distance.  We met dark and early at 6.00 a.m., with Dave, me, “L’ and a new rider to our fray, Glen or Len, depending on how good Dave’s or my ears are.

Dave started the day with an adventurous move, riding from his house in IN and arriving at the start with a 20-mile warmup.  We threaded our way through the Beechmont area and found country roads via New Cut.  Ironically, we had as much or more traffic on the “country” roads as we did on the more urban ones in town.  We came to our first subtle rise on Blevins Gap when Dave encountered mechanical difficulties involving massive chain suck.  He eventually had to loosen the small chainring to free the chain, but he finally did and we were off again.  Our next minor calamity came on Blevins Gap Rd., which we were to ride in both directions.  Much like on River Rd. at Harrods Creek, it presented us with a defiant “road closed”, and it was very, very closed, with no safe means to cross.

Bobcat, Wildcat, Bay Lynx, Catamount

bobcat/wildcat/bay lynx, catamount. Sorry to see him in such a state

In case you don't know the difference, this is a Mule.

In case you don't know the difference, this is a Mule.

We doubled back and modifed the route a bit but found our store stop at at about the same mileage.  From there we ventured back up Knob Creek Rd. and onto the Martins Hill climb, one everyone passed up pretty easily.  From there we worked our way back towards the end of our first loop via Mt. Elmira and Holsclaw Hill Rd.  Having descended Holsclaw, we had a big decision to make.  Our small loop was compromised and would therefore have us riding the same roads again, and we were starting to flag a bit with the mileage and climbing.  Suchly, we headed home, this time via Iroquois Park and Southern Parkway.  Coming through Germantown, I had the brillliant idea that, much like our

Brew Cruise back in February, we should do an ‘Ice Cream Dream Ride’ and hit up local ice cream joints.  Yum!

We crawled home via Tyler Park, where we almost lost Dave and ‘L’, but made it home to Atherton.  I commend ‘L’ for her longest ride yet, and thank GLen for being an excellent and patient ride partner.  Our RCCS total for the day 68 miles.  After a series of long rides, I think a shorter one is in order for August, although some of us will keep piling up the miles if possible.  I’m pretty sure a return to Hoosier Forest is in order as well, for another assault on some non-conquered mixed-terrain.

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  1. Apertome says:

    You guys have done some nice long rides! Very cool. I haven’t been getting in the long rides as much as I’d like.

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