After a good while out of commission, the RCCS is going to ride again this Fall. We’re working out something interesting, albeit brief, in October. The first ride of length coming up is going to be on November 1, when we’ll again attack the Mixed Terrain and gravel roads of the Hoosier Forest in southern Indiana. We’re resolute to come prepared for a full day of mixed terrain, and this time we’ll all have lots of tubes, rim strip, pumps, water, small gears, food, maps, time, you name it.

If you’re interested, put in on the calendar. Should be fun, and hopefully a bit more functional than our Summer effort.

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  1. Apertome says:

    I should be able to make it — I’ve put it on the calendar. Really looking forward to it!

    I have a water filter I can bring, so we can safely refill water bottles from any body of water. As well as the National Geographic HNF map.

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