40oz Fun Run

40oz Fun Run

40oz Fun Run

We’ve been a little unactive of late here at the RCCS. Life catches up, you know. But even if we’re sitting on our fat duffs, or getting married, or going back to work, or raising kids, or raising hell- you get the drift- some other folks are still riding their bikes in all kinds of fashions.

This Saturday, Jimmy over at F&%K Gas is hosting his 2nd annual 40oz Fun Run. By the looks of it, he’s going big time, with a hill climb race and a crit, as well as his given debauchery of dead meat and fermented grain. Things seem to be starting up around 7.00ish. Since the RCCS can’t provide you any non-lycra pleasure, I thoroughly suggest that you give that wild crew a look.

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  1. jimmy says:

    thanks for the kind words! hope to see you guys there

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