Brew3Cruise a.k.a. Pre-B’day Beer Run

3.0 Checked out a new place downtown. No tables but several on tap and a nice selection of bottles. Not sure how it will pan out long-term w/out seating. It’s on the list, though.

2.0 This Friday many many mighty men and women will meet for the prebday (mine) Beer Run- the Brew3Cruise. Particulars include:

**starting at Kentucky Center for the Arts on Main Street
**first stop will include food for those who need to fill up
**stops at 4 or 5 beverage stations
**mileage in the 13ish range, sorta
**lights horribly helpful. helmets too.

A quick announcement that Friday a week (Friday the 13th, of course) the RCCS will host its 2nd Beer Run, this time on a Friday a night to take advantage of the BBC taproom. More info to come, but we’re looking at a 5-6p.m. start time and we’ll hit 4 or 5 well-chosen ‘Ville beer spots. We prolly *won’t* go over the river, but we’ll find plenty of refreshing beverages.

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