Brew3Cruise repaso

3 intrepid souls started out the Brew3Cruise from KCA, with usual suspects Tim and Dave and a 3x rejoinder in Ben (who rode the cold-ass Jan. ride and the April IN one too). With downtown ‘Ville offering a myriad of brew opportunities, we set our course. Following is a brief overview of each establishment.Warning, there is very little cycling content in this post, but we did use our bikes to go to these places and a fine bike time was had, I do believe.

Louisville Beer Store; This is a new establishment on Market St. in the Toast/Artemisia area. It’s as stripped down as you can get, with a wall of beer, a cooler of beer, a bar with taps and a standing area bar next to the window. We didn’t lock the bikes up, so the window standing bar proved useful. The LBS has a find selection of bottled beers and last night had, I believe, 4 on tap. To that end, I’m not really sure what they had on tap. They have a big blackboard which may or may not have corresponded with what was actual being served. I guess that would be “strike 1” against L.B.S., but who’s counting? The beer was fine- mine was a little fruity- but Dave and Ben had what looked like a nice rye stout. Tasty! “Strike 2” was the lack of chairs. It’s a tiny place and there isn’t anywhere to sit. Strange. But who’s counting? We had our one and moved forward.

Sergio’s World of Beers Became stop #2. This is a newish establishment (like LBS), but it a totally different vein. If the first was spartan hipster Euro, Sergio’s was packrat grandma’s house full o’ shit. There was beer everywhere! And more-so, boxes everywhere! As importantly, you have to find the entrance first. There is actually a neighborhood dive on the corner of Story and Frankfort, but Sergio’s is hiding behind the Mexican flag. I never actually saw a sign. (Strike 1? but who’s counting?) The front is the tap area with the cooler facing it. There is a bit of seating and this area was rather full of people; that’s where the beer is! Again, it was sort of tough to figure out what was on tap b/c there might have been 10-15 beers available across the entire bar. Who knows? We ordered beer and then went into the back room seating area for a bite. We eventually got some food via “interesting” service, but my won-tons were fine. Dave had fish-n-chips and found it OK. Ben had taquitos. I won’t speak for them, but my beer was better than my food. This could be a “strike 2”, but they had LOTS of beer on tap, so you have to give them that one. It’s not Sergio’s World of Beer and Food.

Stop #3 was just down Main (from Story where Sergio’s is found), the BBC taproom. For me it was the third new stop of the night. I learned that the Taproom and the 2 BBC restaurants are sort of cousins. I assume the Taproom is aligned with the brewery that supplies bottles for stores, while the restaurants brew their own (more on that later). I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the Taproom. It was a nice blend of casual and comfy, perhaps a nice compromise between L.B.S. and Sergio’s. Fresh BBC was on tap and we were in for another surprise. When we arrived, we were asked by the barmaid (is that PC appropriate?) if we were the RCCS ride and then we found Chaz and Kristin (spelling?) at the bar.  They rode our April Indiana ride, so that was exciting.  In fact, they were waiting for us there, assuming we would swing by, which of course we did.  We had one and then headed out, with Chaz and Kristin in tow.  They had driven their vehicles down there with the bikes in the back, so they would return later.  3 had become 5 and away we went to stop #4, this with a bit of distance involved.

The only real “bike” content came with the trip between the Taproom and BBCEast in St. Matthews with out trip up Frankfort Ave. We did a nice pace here, as Ben, and MadDogs Chaz and Kristin are all stronger riders than me (I won’t speak for Dave). And fortunately, we negotiated the whole Shelbyville/Breckenridge/Hubbards nightmare. Way to urban plan St. Matthews!  This joint was real busy, but we found seats at a long “sit-down bar” and got yet another. (Oh, I actually had 2 at Sergio’s.)  We ordered some more food this time, in my case a Bison burger.  It was good, as were the fries.  The beer, for that matter, was good too.  We had a good time here, but after #4 it was time to move on.

Our last stop of the evening would involve our trip through the park. En route Chaz and Kristin carved off and head for home, NOT for the vehicles down on Main St. They were vivacious company. Our 5 had become 3 again and we had a great trip through the park and up to Bonnycastle and our final stop at Cumberland. Ben, mirroring my own thinking, had had enough of dark beer for the night, so we all went lighter. We had our beer and a plate of very excellent cheese fries. Did we drink more or eat more? Not sure, but after stop #5 we split up. I had the shortest ride home (2m). Who planned it that way? Ben had 3-4m home, but Dave had the long commute to Charlestown. A fun time was had, and how could it be any better? Bikes n Brews!

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