Amidst our beer-fueled discussions last night, Ben mentioned wanting to do a S24O, which I’ve discussed on my personal site.  We’re looking at the weekend of Dec. 5-6 as a potential RCCS S24O trip.  More on this to come, if it does come to fruition.  Fundamentally, a S24O is a bike-supported, non-car overnight camping trip.  Lots of info can be gleaned from some of the following sites or accounts:

I/Grant’s take at Rivendell.

RussRoca (EpicureanCyclist/PathLessPedaled) on BikeCommuters

The very influential Kent Peterson


Family S24O at RocBike

Apertome, who has returned to the Kentuckiana area

Vox’s S24O site

Flickr group

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2 Responses to S24O?

  1. Ben says:

    Yeah, lets do it!

    here’s my uni video i was talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz4Z_j515QA

  2. tex69 says:

    Love the video. You did much better on the one rocky/rooty trail above the Beargrass much better than I do on 2 wheels. More “bloopers” might be fun too.

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