Sunday Coffee Ride #2 – Warmer Weather?

This Sunday, January 17th, We’re hosting another Sunday Morning Coffee Ride.  We are leaving out from Heine Brothers at Bardstown and Douglass at 10:00 am.  Maybe we’ll have warmer weather this time.  The ride is probably going to be about 20-25 miles, within the city.  The exact route hasn’t been chosen, but we are planning on hitting a stop or two on Frankfort Avenue.

RCCS rides strive to be social events, and staying together as a group helps.  We won’t have cue sheets, but won’t leave anyone behind either.

If you drive, please don’t park nearby.  There is limited parking at the site.  You have a bicycle!  🙂

Hope to see you there!

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  1. I’m sorry the rain chased some of you off. It was a good ride.

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