Coffee Ride #2 Review

Dont get no better, LHT, Bomba and Litespeed

Don't get no better, LHT, Bomba and Litespeed

We had a very pleasant time yesterday on our 2nd coffee ride. If the first was rife with damn-cold weather, the second drenched us in heavy rain and 40F, but no matter. The pic above is considerably more impressive than our actual cycling effort, which for the group ended up being 23 miles. We started at Heine’s at the Loop where, to be amazement, I found two amazing bikes for our foray. Dave was there with his new, shiny Surly Truckacchino LHT, and for the first time, Patrick came along with his (newish) Rivendell Bombadil. I brought the Litespeed Blueridge because titanium doesn’t rust in the rain, right? I dare say you couldn’t find a flashier batch o’ bikes in the city unless you happened upon a crabon convention, but what fun is that? Dominic even came by briefly before he headed on for some work.

We headed through the parks and towards Mockingbird Valley Rd., which Patrick had never been on, being new to the area. We window-shopped at that new shop down next to Zorn who’s name escapes me. We continued to Frankfort and up we went- well, until Dave lost a bag- and then up we went some more and stopped at Java for a cup. Yum! What a great treat with the cold and damp. Patrick needed to head home so Dave and I followed into St. Matthews, where Patrick split and Dave and I did some St. Matthews noodling before going back into the parks. I dare say Dave has picked up an automatic mph or two with this new steed. We looped through the Cherokee Triangle and made our way to a 2nd coffee stop, this at Highlands. After that, we returned towards the Loop where I bid adieu to Dave and thusly ended the ride. A total of 23 wet, cold miles, was significantly improved with 3 coffees, and we had a good time, especially talking bikes, cool bikes.

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2 Responses to Coffee Ride #2 Review

  1. Patrick says:

    Great ride. I love rain rides. Great to meet you guys! Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Apertome says:

    Awesome group of bikes! I almost said that I’m jealous, but I have a LHT myself. Then again, while it is a great bike, it doesn’t quite compare with a Litespeed or a Rivendell …

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