Coffee Ride – 2/21

The weather has not been friendly to long rides in the country, but these Sunday coffee rides are a nice break from everyday life.

Sunday 2/21/2010, We’ll be leaving from Heine Brothers at Bardstown and Douglass at 10:00 am.

The exact route hasn’t been chosen, but we are planning on hitting a couple of stops for coffee and/or snacks. We’ll probably cross the bridge into Indiana. We’ll probably do 20-30 miles.

We rarely every cancel a ride due to weather (as in we haven’t yet), so come prepared for snow, rain, freezing rain, or whatever mother nature throws at us.

RCCS rides strive to be social events, and staying together as a group helps. We won’t have cue sheets, but won’t leave anyone behind either.

If you drive, please don’t park nearby. There is limited parking at the site.

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