GoneWiththeeOldManWinter Ride

It’s time, time to ride the $@%@# bike. Time for real miles. Time to get put down the coffee and get on the open road. The RCCS will host our first “real” ride of ’10, well, save the 40m epic FatGuy and I pulled off on New Year’s Day.

We’ll leave next Sunday, 3/7, from Edwardsville, IN just west of New Albany. It’s an easy trip off I-64 and if anybody needs a (truck) lift, I’m more than willing. As best as I can tell, we have store stops at 12m and 38m, but you never know. It’s best to come prepared. And prepared we’ll be for rural, country roads.

The RCCS strives to be an inclusive, informal bike group. All are welcome and no one will be left behind. Our rides are somewhat social, but the first ride of the year demands some leg stretching. I’ll be sweeping b/c I’m too slow to do anything otherwise. Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section.

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7 Responses to GoneWiththeeOldManWinter Ride

  1. Will there be gravel or any “off-road” section to the course? I don’t have a bike set up for that yet. Otherwise, I’m in. If I could catch a lift from Louisville please send time and place to meet and I will be prompt.

  2. tim says:

    Dom, Straight road ride. I’ll let you know later in the week time and place. you want me to pick you up in St.Matthews? We’d be looking at 8.00 or so.

  3. Jeremy M says:

    Looks like an interesting ride…have been meaning to join you guys for a while on one of your jaunts. Might actually get to do it Sunday.

    Am I to understand that the ride would start at 8:00 in Edwardsville?

  4. patrick says:

    Tim—can I get in on the ride to Edwardsville? Do you have room for the Bomba?

  5. Tim says:

    Patrick- Yep. I haven’t heard back from Dom about plans. I prefer to do maybe a Highlands pick up (where I live) and I’m willing to do a St. Matthews pickup (around where Dom lives). Contact me directly at mysurly69 at yahoo dot com and we’ll finalize plans. Same goes for you Dom.

    Jeremy, we’ll be off at 9.00 Louisville time from Edwardsville Park. If you read this, you can see that I might have some bike room. Contact me if you wanna join the party.

  6. Tim says:

    Patrick- Ok, we’re a go.

    Dom- let me know status.

    Jeremy- the same. I can put on the hitch mount and I have room for 3 in the back if needed. Train leaving about 8.00 Sun

  7. Jeremy M says:

    Hope to meet there…planning on riding from downtown Louisville.

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