GoneWiththeeOldManWinter Ride 2.0

A little bit more info about Sunday’s GWTOMWR.

  • We’ll head out at 9.00a.m. Louisville time. I don’t know if any crazy IN time is in play this time of year.
  • See “messages” section for more info on catching a ride if you’re interested.  I might or might not have truck room.
  • Our ride happens to correspond with the first Mad Dogs ride of the year, so we might cross paths with them around or south of New Middletown.
  • RCCS don’t tend to do cue sheets.  As Dave so eloquently put, we group ride.  You’re welcome to download/copy the map posted in the previous post if you plan of heading out on your own.  We’ll follow that route behind you. And nobody gets dropped.
  • We should have food options in New Middletown and Lanesville.  We pass NM twice.
  • Please come prepared.  We like to be a self-sufficient lot, but Dave has a tool for every occasion. And it’s the first longer road outing of the year. Hopefully you’ve done a few miles during this cold spell.

View Edwardsville Park in a larger map

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6 Responses to GoneWiththeeOldManWinter Ride 2.0

  1. Patrick says:

    I’m in! Tim, check your email.

  2. Apertome says:

    I’m jealous. I’ll be recovering from my surgery. Hope you’ll do a good writeup ’cause I’m going to have a lot of reading time in the coming weeks! Have a great ride!

  3. If anyone else needs a ride that Tim can’t handle, or is in Southern Indiana, I have a truck also. I can carry a couple of bikes.

    Call me if necessary: 812-989-7589

  4. Patrick says:

    EXCELLENT DAY! Best ride I’ve had in so long!
    Just as a reminder:

    –The rack lets you pull the bag away from the seat post, which means it won’t brush your legs as you pedal. “Brushing your legs,” sounds worse than it is. I LIKE it. But some people don’t, and if you’re one of them, just use a rack.

  5. Dominic says:

    Had a blast. Thanks for planning this all out Tim. It was a fantastic ride. I rode the bike to work today so guess it didn’t totally waste me.

  6. tim says:

    No Patrick, I have to disagree. Bag rub is not only good for you, but the most appropriate result possible. toe overlap too.

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