Bloomington or Bust!

The RCCS is hitting the road on Sunday, April 18th for a mixed-terrain ride leaving out of Bloomington, IN.  Even better, it’s going to be hosted by an excellent blogger and adventurous soul based in that fair town (I don’t know etiquette as to giving his info.).  The ride will be around 50-60m and will encompass some of the excellent gravel roads in that area.

Prepare for an all-day adventure, as we’ll leave when we can get some good coffee and head north for the hour+ drive. After such a ride, we’ll also grab some grub before returning to Louisville.

If you’re interested in a ride, leave a comment or contact me directly at mysurly69 at yahoo dot com. I don’t even have directions yet, and our host would like a general idea of numbers for parking and such. FWIW, I have room for 3 more bikes on my crappy bike rack and am happy to be bike taxi for the day.

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  1. Apertome says:

    I’m fine with people knowing I’m hosting the ride. Thanks for being sensitive about it, though.

    I still need to devise a route, but let’s just say that there may or may not be any services along the route. I’ll bring a water filter if necessary, so we’ll at least be able to fill our water bottles. Definitely bring any food you might need, and any other supplies.

    I’m looking forward to it!

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