Bloomington or Bust 2.0

With Michael’s blessing, I encourage you to take a look at for an idea of our ride next weekend (4/18).  He loves to take pictures, really good pictures, on his rides, and invariably somewhere are some of the varied terrain that is the Bloomington area.

On a further note, Michael noted that he’ll have his filter for water refill.  Why?  Because we’ll be so in the boonies that there’s no service.  What’s not to love about such an opportunity?  Leave a comment if you have any Qs.

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4 Responses to Bloomington or Bust 2.0

  1. Barturtle says:

    I haven’t done any RCCS rides yet, but am currently considering this one. How early would I need to arrive in Bloomington and where would I be meeting up for the ride start?

  2. Tim says:


    I haven’t made final plans w/ Michael/Apertome yet. As soon as we finalize things, I’ll post here on the site. I assume we’re looking at a 9ish/10ish start.

  3. Tim says:


    We’re looking at a 9.00 start either in Bloomington or at the ride site. If you’re still interested, please email me so I can give you directions and further info. Should be a great ride in the 50m range with plenty of mixed terrain.

  4. tim says:

    mysurly69 at yahoo dot com

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