Bloomington or Bust 3.0

OK, the stage is set. RCCS is going north to Bloomington this Sunday (early) for a ride with It’s will be a 56-miler with up to 30 miles of gravel, through Hoosier Nat’l Forest and Yellowwood State Forest (link below). I’m leaving the ‘Ville a bit before 7.00, so if anyone is interested in throwing a bike on the rack (sold my truck) and heading north, please contact me either in comments or at the email left on a previous message.

Should be a big one!

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  1. Asher says:

    That sounds like an awesome ride! One of these days I hope to join y’all on one of your adventures, if you wouldn’t mind an interloper (not this weekend, though; recovering from pinnacle-of-idiocy-one-man-bike-crash).

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