Sunday Groovie Gravel

IN Gravel

IN Gravel

We’re going out for an exploratory gravel/country ride tomorrow leaving from Charlestown at 9.00. Anybody interested (who actually reads this) can contact me at mysurly69 at yahoo dot com for a ride. I’ll be fetching coffee a bit after 8.00 and going from there. The route is flexible, but we may go anywhere between 50 and 80. Sound specific enough? Hopefully the gravel will be particularly groovie!!

(And, yes, I can spell “groovy”)

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2 Responses to Sunday Groovie Gravel

  1. Brad says:

    So how did the ride go? I’ve been wanting to try some gravel for some time but never seem to find any!

  2. Tim says:

    Brad, ride went great although I’m still pretty bushed. We found a few excellent gravel spots and quite a few decent ones. I did my research via googlemaps streetview and some of Dave’s previous experience. I’d love to do a variation on this in the Fall and we’ll get the word out earlier, and you’re certainly invited. We’ll show you the good ones.

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