Vitamin G

Vitamin G is a clever term, not coined by me, for the soulful benefits of gravel under wheel. Yes, we derive cycling pleasure and satisfaction of a productive commute, an exhausting LT sufferfest, a gnarly adrenaline-laden trail ride or a group road ride amidst lots of like-minded souls. Yet, for me, nothing combines the many thrills and satisfactions of the 2-wheeled journey like a nice boondocks ride over the rocky stuff. These rides usually combine the distance and occasional speed of a road ride with the texture attention of a mtbike ride. More so, because our modern world has been so effectively engineered, gravel roads are usually found in out-of-the-way places, places presenting elbow room, big skies, natural landscapes, some hills, dales, creeks and general nature junk. The  KY areas around Louisville are mostly devoid of vitamin g save some areas in Henry, Trimble and Carroll Counties, but southern Indiana still holds some fun. The Gravel Grinder site had a short-but-sweet post last February focusing on the growing popularity of this kind of riding.

Here at the RCCS, we’ve done our fair share of local gravel recon, including our NewWashington trip in August, an extremely cold gravel/road fest out of Sulpher on New Years Day, the HenryCoHootenanny in December ’09, a wacky mixedterrain,mtbiketrail ride back in Nov.’o9, and a flat-tire fest in summer of ’09.  We’ll be getting together for two more gravel, mixed-terrain fests coming up in October for anyone interesting, er, interested:

  • October 10th, Sunday, we’ll use Ferdinand, IN as a home base for a 65-miler that includes gravel, road and dirt. I’ve seen mention of ‘B’ roads in the MW, and a few of these look to be just that, non-maintained farm roads.
  • October 23/24 will an overnight bike/camp trip to Big South Fork Recreation area for some serious gravel and boondocks. We’ll leave early Saturday, ride 50-60 on Saturday, camp and ride another 50-60 Sunday. I expect this trip to be just about epic. Should be fun.

It anyone out there is interested in either of these rides, let me know at mysurly69 at yahoo dot com and I can fill you in some more. I always offer to drive but no one ever takes me up on it. Must be the smelly feet.

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