What’s Going On?

We Love Gravel

We Love Gravel

Big South Fork

This past weekend Tim, Michael, and I did the Big South Fork camping trip.  Michael wrote about it here and here.  Tim’s write-up for Saturday is here (sic) and his Sunday one is here.   I posted a few pictures here.  The complete library of pictures I took is here.

Weekend Coffee Rides

There was no coffee ride last Saturday due to the BSF ride.  I’ve got a lot going on now, so I won’t be putting one on this weekend either.  I do recommend the ride that Vic (from Vic’s Classic Bikes) puts on Sunday mornings at around 9:00.  I may even show up for that one.

I will get the coffee rides going again in the future.  It’ll probably be on Sunday (as it was last winter), and having it during cold weather means we’ll make several coffee stops to warm up.

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  1. tim says:

    I won’t be out this weekend, but will do coming up. I’ll probably in the “short ride” mindset for a while, if you know what I’m saying.

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