Holland Frozen Hell 1.1

**Holland Frozen Hell is *on* for tomorrow. We’ll roll out of Louisville around 8.00 and head for Holland. The plan remains for 55 frozen, snowy miles. We’ll also have a bail route in case we find conditions too challenging for our energy level. My bike rack is full, but leave a comment if you need/want to caravan. Should be an interesting day.

We have developed this propensity for rough stuff, and sometimes under adverse conditions; this Saturday’s ride will be no different. We’ll leave out of Holland, IN, which is about an hour or so drive from Louisville. While it’s a bit more drive than desired, the greater desire is to ride the rough stuff, and this area west of Holland has it in spades. Our route will hit gravel very early on and ┬átake us north and and then west into Ferdinand State Forest. We have a store stop halfway through in Winslow, IN and then head back into Ferdinand SF before heading south and SW for the return.

Conditions are unknown. Studded tires or fat rubber are required. No other services than those at mid-way will be available, so come very prepared to take care of yourself. As always, this will be a no-drop ride, so come ready to have fun and test yourself a bit.

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12 Responses to Holland Frozen Hell 1.1

  1. If we have enough interest, I can drive also. I can haul one other person and one other bike, in addition to freeing up space in the other vehicle.

  2. Tim says:

    Good point. Maybe you want to drop this line onto the Kycyclist listserve

  3. jim whaley says:

    I would like to join you guys on Sat. I enjoy riding in Southern IN and would like to learn some new roads. I have either a cross or mountain bike I can bring depending on conditions. -Jim

  4. Tim says:

    Hey Jim, FWIW I think I rode with you a long time ago on an LBC ride. My experience with winter conditions on the gravel is that the mtbike might be a better choice. I think our friend Michael and I will be on 29ers. Dave will be on 700c studded tires.

    Do you need a ride? As I stated, we can get one more bike on my rack, or Dave offered to drive his truck for extra space too. I live in the Highlands, he in Germantown, so I think we can work something out.

  5. jim whaley says:

    I can bring a 29er if that is the recommended ride. I am in the Highlands as well- on Chichester Ave. in the Bonnycastle neighborhood. 502-641-1734

  6. Rob says:

    I am a friend of whaley and I am also interested in attending. It will be me and 1-2 additional riders. Would it be possible to meet you along the way in indiana or we could just meet you at the destination. Let us know which would be most convenient and when we are starting. Thank you. 502-554-7078

  7. Tim says:

    Rob, if we don’t cancel, which I hope we don’t, I will be leaving the Highlands at 8.00 or slightly before. If Jm wants a lift I’ll pick him up from there. We’ll then swing by Dave’s in Gtown and hit the road at 8.15 or so. So, I’d say we can either meet in Louisville in one of those neighborhoods, meet at the rest stop in IN or meet at the ride start in Holland. I’ve never been there but there seems to be a gas station on 161. I figure we can go from somewhere around there.

    We now need to wait and see about the snow. Plowing through 6″ of wet, fresh stuff sounds tough for 55m, at least for me.

  8. Rob says:

    We will meet you in Holland. We plan to leave Highlander Point at 830. We will try to meet you at the gas station you mentioned above. I will check this website tomorrow morning to see if the ride is still on. Thanks.

  9. Jim, Rob,
    You too have your own transportation then.

    Anyone else who need transportation, post here, or email dave@davidcrowell.com.

  10. Rob says:

    I think Jim may still ride with you guys. Consult him. Me and 2 others that live in Indiana (not Jim) will meet you there. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

  11. Jerry says:

    Tim and David,

    Thanks for a great route today. Very scenic and virtually no traffic. Would like to try some of those roads again, after the snow is gone.

  12. Tim says:

    Thanks for joining, Jerry. It was nice to see some new faces. I too thought the route worked out well, and I too am looking forward to similar roads in warmer conditions.

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