That Was Fun!

Patrick's New Steed

Patrick's New Steed

Patrick, Tim, and I rode a 30-mile urban course for today’s coffee ride.  It was the maiden voyage for Patrick’s new bike, a beautiful A. Homer Hilsen.  His is a larger size with the double top-tube.

Tim and I met up in the Highlands and rode to the starting point in St. Matthews.  Patrick was waiting for us, and after a few minutes of ogling his bike, we were off.

It was a good ride.  There was a headwind early on, which provided a nice tailwind to get us back.  I managed to fall while carrying my bike up some stairs, but I wasn’t injured, and, yes, the bike is fine.  🙂

Pit Stop

Pit Stop

Tim showed off his new Acorn handlebar bag.  Patrick and I now have bag envy.

Tim headed off a little early for family obligations.  Patrick and I finished the ride, then I followed Patrick toward home, out Westport Rd a while.  I had read about the new Westport Rd bike lanes, but I’m not impressed with them.

Bike Lane?  Gutter?

Bike Lane? Gutter?

I really enjoyed the company and the wonderful weather.  I intend to another one of these next Sunday.  Keep an eye out here for details.

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2 Responses to That Was Fun!

  1. Tim says:

    Next Sunday a bit earlier? Say 8 or 9? I have to be home by 11.45 to clean up for out-of-town trip. Just sayin’

  2. Asher says:

    Wow, the A. Homer Hilsen is beautiful. I’ve been nursing a love affair with Rivendells for about five years now, and the Hilsen is no exception.

    Also, I’m with you on the Westport ‘bike lanes.’ They’re pretty much visually indistinguishable from the (I assume they are) parking lane along the left hand side of 8th street (which has a bike lane on the right now). Hm.

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