We had 5 of us for an early Sunday coffee ride today starting again from the St. Matthews Heine’s. We added two new riders and were pleased to have their company and strong riding for the next couple hours. Last weekend was a singlespeed-friendly flatty; this time we took a different tack, enjoying the ups-n-downs of the River Rd. corridor. As an added bonus- and very typical of RCCS conditions- we enjoyed a cold, miserable rain instead of the low 50s forecasted.

Ultimately we worked west along the river before climbing up into Clifton and across Payne St. to Baxter and a warm cup and scone at Quill’s. Afterward we passed through Cherokee where our 5 splintered, with a newbie (I don’t know of their privacy preferences, so I’ll call him ‘A’) went up towards Woodbourne and two other folks (including newbie ‘W’) on into St. Matthews and beyond. Dave and I made one more stop at Breadworks at the Loop. The ride totaled around 27m, although everyone rode to the start to Heine’s, so all accrued a well-earned 30+ on the day. And a great day it was!

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3 Responses to Coffee+Hills

  1. Asher says:

    Thanks for posting the ride map! I have no problem with my first name being used on the blog.

    Looking forward to riding with y’all again 🙂

  2. Ward says:

    I don’t mind the ID, either. I’m Ward Wilson (WW if you prefer initials).
    It was a very hilly course – a nice challenge. The weather records at the airport show that the temperature dropped from 44 deg. at the start of the ride to 42 degrees later, then finished about 43.

  3. Patrick says:

    I enjoyed it too! Great to meet you Asher and WW.

    I froze my rear end off after we got coffee. Never really got spooled back up again! I need a bag for the Hilsen.

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