Muscatatuck to Crosley

Five of us made the excellent decision to visit Muscatatuck Nat’l Wildlife Reserve outside of Seymour, IN for a country ride this past Saturday. I only speak for myself that it was as satisfying a ride as I’ve taken. It had beautiful skies, great company, every riding texture under the sun, enough elevation to make things interesting, and for me good legs to boot!

I’ll mostly pics do the talking, but we started at Muscatatuck, directed ourselves south and then eastward across the very rough, winter-heaved farm roads in the area. As we turned north towards IN-3 and Crosely State Wildlife Area, we first lost Kirk and Kathy for moment (which resulted in a nice game of chase) and then found some very “distressed” roads which laster became more dirt than gravel. Crosley offered a more hilly terrain, and more closed woods through an outstanding road through the park leading us to a charming bridge over the M.River.

Group through Musctatatuck

Michael McFierce with his game face on

After the chase

Onto the really rough stuff

Dave and Kathy at a distance

Approaching the Crosley bridge

Kirk contemplating bridge safety

We made a brief stop in Vernon to buy a few snacks at a liquor store; the bigger store was “oh, a mile and a half up the road in Vernon”, although to the best of our knowledge we *were* in Vernon. Our return skirted north of the M.River and provided us with some damn fine roads, rolling, great flow, nice scenery, easy to navigate. Great stuff. Michael and I spied a couple roads to return to in the future, and before we knew it, we were back in the M.N.W.R. It was a 5-star ride for me personally and I hope to return to the area sooner than later, whether via mtbike in the wildlife areas or on a hearty road bike for the varied mixed-terrain available.

Bike show in Vernon

Curious Camellids

On the gorgeous return

Dang, that dude in the blue and grey sure is handsome!

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  1. Barturtle says:

    Looks like an excellent ride. I really gotta make it out for one sometime. I was out riding the IronMan course that day. I had a LBC Touring Committee meeting that day, so couldn’t get too far out of town. Glad Kirk and Cathy came out, they’re awesome to ride with.

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