Saturday Coffee Ride 1.1

Short notice, but the RCCS will host a casual Coffee Ride tomorrow morning, Saturday, leaving from Douglass Loop at 8.00. Our route will take us on a meander west that will eventually include a mid-ride coffee stop before adding more mileage east. We’ll leave from Heine’s, but on the east side some of us will carve east at Westport and the Watterson, if that’s more your neck of the woods. The rest will loop back to the Loop.

Ride report. Let’s see:

  • headwinds
  • Latte and Au lait with some serious bakery goods from Quills. Their blog post yesterday discusses said new products .
  • significant bike schwag talk
  • CrossHill climb via Lexington Rd.
  • merits of a heavy mount, front bags and the shimmy
  • some sunshine too

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2 Responses to Saturday Coffee Ride 1.1

  1. Cathy Hill says:

    Hello: Any ride plans for Sunday?


  2. I would have ridden had I been in town. Instead, I “toughed” it out on my mini-tour. Yep, life’s hard. 🙂

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