Hayden Mixed-Terrain

It’s short notice, but we’re gonna try to get some rough stuff time this Sunday leaving out of Hayden, IN. Highlights:

  • 59 miles
  • unknown gravel amount, but definitely some nice portions. I’d call it a road ride with gravel, not vice versa.
  • store stop in N.Vernon at 40 miles
  • potential stops at Selmier State Forest and Brush Creek Wildlife Area
  • warm, Spring weather

Here is the link to the route. We won’t have any cue sheets (we’re both running gps for this one), so this is definitely a group ride. We leave the elementary school in Hayden at 9.00. We’ll be riding out of Louisville around 7.30 if you’re interested in convoying up there. Feel free to email at mysurly69 at yahoo dot com if you have any questions, or leave a comment.

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2 Responses to Hayden Mixed-Terrain

  1. Timothy says:

    If I thought that I was going to have any legs left after the LBC century on Saturday, I’d totally be up for it. I’ve been reworking my MTB as a gravel bike, new fork, bar, tires, cassette.

  2. tim says:

    I bet u could handle our pace, Timothy.

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