June Coffee Ride

The RCCS has been a bit dormant, but not dead.  We’ve had a few rides, but they were impromptu events that weren’t posted here, or private rides.

We hope to change that and get at least one ride per month.

So, this Saturday, June 23 at 8:30am, join us at Breadworks at Douglass Loop.  The idea is 30 minutes of coffee and socialization then a 20-30 mile relaxed pace ride around town.

See you there!

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One Response to June Coffee Ride

  1. Asher Taylor says:

    Awesome! It’s good to see the RCCS website awake and going (I was going to say “up and running,” but from a technological perspective, it has been, soooo…). I will keep an eye on it. Looking forward to more rides!

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