What we are…

The RCCS will:

  • make every effort for all rides to be group rides. The group should stay together as best as possible b/c it wants to stay together.
  • provide interesting experiences on and off the bike, ones that include history, nature, and camaraderie at a reasonable pace
  • ride at “Goldilocks” speed- not too fast, not too slow. Beginners should understand that these aren’t necessarily designed for beginners, but they do not exclude them. Know your equipment and have some miles in the legs. And more importantly, have a spirit of adventure and curiosity.
  • stop for food and/or libations, whether they be water, soda, coffee or worse. A bike lock is a very good suggestion.

The RCCS may:

  • hike-n-bike, clamber, stop-n-study, and take many photo moments. For this reason, sturdy, walkable shoes are a good idea. Platform pedals are an excellent idea, but not a requirement.
  • ride in any weather possible, with the exception being ice.
  • visit many locations in Kentuckiana, not just ones in the ‘River City’ (i.e. Louisville).
  • discuss and promote bicycle commuting and the bicycle as a society-improving instrument.
  • visit historical sites, explore nature and our natural resources (i.e. parks, preserves, etc.), and give pause when needed.
  • make every effort to include “mixed terrain rides”, including trails, gravel roads, off-the-beaten paths, alleys and such. Fat and sturdy tires are suggested, but not required.

The RCCS will probably not:

  • ride in pacelines.
  • be very interested in miles per hour, lactate threshold, or maximum heart rate.
  • drop people.
  • have officers, by-laws, bureaucracy or dues.